Single engine 4 passenger plane

single engine 4 passenger plane

single engine 4 passenger plane

NTSB Identification: LAX06FA 1. The student pilot, the sole occupant, was fatally injured, and the airplane was destroyed. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and a company flight plan single engine 4 passenger plane been filed. The solo instructional flight originated at Phoenix Goodyear Airport, Goodyear, about The student pilot was flying her third solo flight of the flight-training syllabus. The ATCA solo flight order authorized the student to depart from Phoenix Goodyear airport, fly to Buckeye Airport, perform at least one landing, taxi back, takeoff, then proceed to a practice area south of the Phoenix Goodyear Airport, perform steep turns, slow flight, and stalls, and finally return to Phoenix Goodyear Airport.

The student was reported as overdue at Five aircraft were launched to search for the overdue airplane at The Maricopa County Sheriff Department helicopter located the wreckage on February 2 at in flat desert terrain Radar data depicted single engine 4 passenger plane accident airplane departing Buckeye airport to the south in a steady climb; about knots ground speed. Approximately 5 miles south of Buckeye airport the airplane track turns to the east-southeast and continues to climb to 4, feet, then immediately starts a descent from 4, feet.

Radar recorded the start of the descent at Between The minimum lateral separation between the airplanes was about 0. Radar continued to track the accident airplane in an increasingly rapid and steep descent in the east-southeast direction. The last radar return was at The pilot held a third-class medical certificate dated March 1,with no limitations or restrictions.

An examination of the student pilot's logbook revealed that she had flown single engine 4 passenger plane times in the last 54 days, accumulating She had logged 5. She had flown each of the previous 2 days prior to the accident.

Charterflüge mit der Cessna Caravan D-FUNK - CessnaSET

The ATCA bekanntschaften nordhorn records document that she flew 16 days out of the available 21 flying days for the month of January. Statements from colleagues of single engine 4 passenger plane student pilot indicate that she went to bed around on January 31 and rose at the morning of February 1. She had eaten a light breakfast of juice, toast, and jam.

She had been scheduled for a cross-country flight, but at was informed that her instructor had cancelled the flight, and that she would fly a solo flight at instead. It could not be determined if she had eaten anything between breakfast and her solo flight.

A review of the airplane's maintenance logbook revealed that the plane had 18, The progressive-six inspection checklist, included in the maintenance records, documents routine engine maintenance, and a detailed inspection of the landing gear. The system computes relative altitude, range, and bearing of nearby transponder-equipped aircraft. Aircraft with non-mode C transponders can provide range and bearing information.

Pilatus PC-12

The Model BX does not detect aircraft without operating transponders. The calculated magnetic bearing to the sun was A sun line was plotted against the radar track of the airplane. The single engine 4 passenger plane illustrates that the sun would have been directly off the right wing of the F33A; 31 degrees above the horizon at the time the FC crossed in front of the student's airplane. The sun line plot is included in the official docket of this investigation. The radar data shows that the F33A was squawking code.

At Stalk-1 replied that he would descend to 4, feet.

The entire transcript is included in the official docket of this investigation. The accident aircraft never comes into view on the recording. The pilot reports that he has traffic in sight. The pilot reports traffic in sight and frauen auf der suche nach einem mann his wings twice.

The initial point of impact was identified by pieces of green glass lens fragments at the tip of an 8-inch-wide strip of disturbed earth. The main single engine 4 passenger plane of debris was distributed on a bearing of degrees magnetic for about feet.

A second line of minor debris, mostly fragments from the right wing, ran along a bearing of degrees. The impression on the ground consisted of a narrow strip of disturbed earth running for 17 feet and gradually widening from 8 inches to about 1 foot. It then opened up to a circular pit 10 feet in diameter and 4 feet deep.


At the approximate center of the pit the propeller was found with fragments of wing fuel bladder, engine magneto, and nose gear. On the southeastern edge, outside the pit, was the Continental IO engine, which had been separated from the airframe. Thirty-three feet down the bearing line from the engine was the main fuselage, tail, and landing gear. Continuing down the bearing line for another 90 feet, sections of the left wing were distributed. Extending 55 feet along a bearing line from the center of the pit were skin sections and fragments of the right wing.

The left and right aileron cable connections on each bell crank were separated at the bell crank connection. The aileron cables were traced to the cockpit; one side exhibited a broomstrawed end consistent with overload, the other end was detached from the sprocket chain.

Climb out at 3, feet per minute, fully loaded, quickly and efficiently reaching altitudes you may not have flown through before. Level off at a maximum authorized ceiling of 34, feet. Stretch as you relax in the spacious cockpit, surveying an instrument panel more reminiscent of your luxury car than an aircraft.

About 12 inches of the left aileron cable and the sprocket at the firewall were not located. A short length of aileron sprocket chain was located in the firewall area that was still attached to the engine. The elevator cable was traced from the elevator bell crank to the cockpit; the arm of the bell crank was broken off.

The cable exhibited a broomstrawed end on the counter balance side.


Continuity was established between the rudder push-pull tubes in the cockpit and the rudder bell crank in the tail. The elevator trim actuators were fully retracted and determined to be inaccurate as a result of the crash.

The flap actuator was in the fully retracted position and the landing gear actuator was in the up and locked position.

Олвин решительно зашагал вперед, и, поколебавшись какое-то мгновение, Шут тоже двинулся за ним вдоль сияющей стрелы, что пылала у них под ногами.

Fuel caps were secure in the fuel tank ports. Continuity of the fuel system could not be accomplished due to the level of wing and airframe destruction. The horizontal and vertical stabilizers were present. Single engine 4 passenger plane edge crushing and aft buckling affected all three stabilizer surfaces in accordion fashion. The left elevator was split chordwise at midspan and the trim tab was bent down. A 2-foot 5-inch outboard section of the right elevator was bent aft about 20 degrees.

The right elevator balance weight and rudder balance weight were located within the main wreckage; the left elevator balance weight was not located.

Cirrus SF50-Jet zertifiziert

The rudder hinges were separated from the vertical stabilizer and were buckled at midspan. The aft fuselage exhibited extreme twisting, buckling, and ripping of the skin making it almost unrecognizable. The right aft passenger seat was present. The right wing spar was in approximately seven major pieces.

It and associated skin panels exhibited crushing, buckling, twisting, and skin ripping.

single engine 4 passenger plane

The wing leading edge was separated from the wing spar and was crushed aft accordion style. The right flap and aileron were present, both detached from the wing, and both were ballooned.

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The main landing gear mount was present. The right wing tip was crushed at a degree angle with respect to the chord line.

Cirrus SFJet zertifiziert

The left wing was ripped, buckled, and twisted into several spanwise elements. A 9-foot section of the main wing spar had a single lengthwise corkscrew twist.

Three feet seven inches of the upper main wing spar was still attached to the main cockpit carry through spar. The leading edge of the wing was crushed aft accordion style.

The flap and aileron were separated from the wing and were single engine 4 passenger plane out.

The cockpit was completely destroyed. The wing carry through spar was present with the wing attach bolts fastened.

single engine 4 passenger plane

The engine control quadrant was separated from the instrument panel and the engine control cables were separated from the engine. The propeller condition handle was in, the mixture handle was extended 1 inch, and the throttle handle was extended 4 inches and bent 90 degrees at the interface to the panel.

The engine manufacturer confirmed that these readings are consistent with an engine at idle power.

single engine 4 passenger plane

The dual control column assembly and rudder bell crank push-pull tubes were completely destroyed. The fuel valve was located and the handle was positioned between folds of metal flooring. By passing air through the valve it was determined that the valve was positioned to the right fuel tank.

single engine 4 passenger plane

The front and right rear seats were separated from the cockpit seat rails. The ignition switch was missing its back half and could be spun in its fitting.

Robinson R44 Raven II

The engine was located separate from the main fuselage. The engine data plate contained the following information: The exhaust pipe and muffler were collapsed flat consistent with heated ductile deformation.

The engine was washed with water to clean off the dirt single engine 4 passenger plane debris and placed on a workbench for further examination. There was a 6-inch by 6-inch square hole in the front top of the engine kennenlernen einander over the number 5 and 6 piston connecting rods.

The hole was deformed inward and fracture faces were bright gray and granular. The induction system was shattered into several pieces, the throttle body was separated from the engine, and the throttle plate was closed and immovable.

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