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Email me when prices drop Erica Silverstein By: Erica Silverstein Updated July 23, Your cruise ship room -- or cabin -- is your personal haven at sea. You can go there to escape the pool deck and buffet crowds, or invite friends over for a lively party. Curl up on the balcony with a good book, or turn out the lights and drift to sleep rocked by the waves.

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You can decorate it, hack it and even expand it via interconnecting doors to the room next door. But there are some things you just shouldn't do in your cruise room.

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Sorry, single in mülheim an der ruhr, but it's not percent "anything goes" onboard. Whether it's a safety issue think lighting firesa privacy issue no hanky panky on that balcony verzweifelter single mann a consideration issue please don't blare the TV at 2 a.

In case you're tempted, or simply don't know, here are 12 things we ask that you please not do. Find your Roll Call to see who's sailing with you. Smoke Sorry, smokers, but on most cruise ships, you need to take a regent single supplement to get your morning nicotine fix. All cruise lines have banned smoking in cabins, and many have even banned smoking on private balconies.

Cigarettes are a fire hazard -- ships have caught fire due to wayward ash -- and many regent single supplement also consider them a public nuisance.

Understandably, the cruise lines want to limit cigarette use onboard, while still offering smokers a few places to light up. So you'll need to regent single supplement to a designated area of an upper deck or specific lounge when you need a smoke break. If you're not sure of your ship's policy, you should read up regent single supplement Cruise Line Smoking Policies.

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Light a candle Or iron your clothes. Or light incense.

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Or plug in the hot plate you smuggled onboard. Why would you You get the idea. Anything that involves fire or high heat is a hazard and a no-no.

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Just be thankful that lines are generally open to hair dryers and curling or flat irons these days. Battery-operated tea candles add ambiance without open flame.

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Plug a hairdryer into the shaving outlet in the bathroom Speaking of hairdryers, it remains a mystery why you must blow dry regent single supplement hair by the desk in your cabin, rather than in the bathroom, but that's where ship designers have put the in-cabin dryer and the appropriate outlet. There is one measly outlet in your bathroom, regent single supplement it's for shaving only, and it does not accommodate the correct voltage for a hair dryer.

Try it out, and you could blow a fuse, shorting out the electricity and making you persona non grata with your onboard neighbors. Try regent single supplement bathroom hamburg dating reddit for creative ways to make your bathroom more livable.

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Have an argument You can be loud as you want -- whether in anger or having a little in-cabin recreation, if regent single supplement catch regent single supplement drift -- as long as you're cool with all your neighbours knowing your business. Cruise ship cabin walls are regent single supplement thin, and sound travels quite well -- especially through connecting or hallway doors.

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The polite thing to do is keep the volume down. Even if you don't need privacy, your shipmates don't really want to listen to your movie selections at 3 a.

12 Things Not to Do in Your Cruise Room

And when it comes to your balcony, remember that you can easily be seen as well as heard, so act accordingly. Keep the peace with our pro tips on sharing a cabin.

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Run around naked with the curtains open Along the lines of "your cabin isn't as private as you think" comes our next cabin don't. Plenty of cruisers have gotten the shock of their life when they have stepped out of the bathroom, naked as a jaybird, to discover they were looking out at a crewmember cleaner, portside dock workers or even other cruisers especially likely on river cruises where boats dock side by side.

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And if you can see them, well, they can see you, too. Even if your curtains are closed, it's wise to throw on a towel or at least peek out the bathroom door since your cabin steward has a key to your room and you're not going to hear him knocking if you've got the shower running. Leave the balcony door open Ah, the bliss of letting the sounds of wind and sea lull you to sleep!

You might want to regent single supplement open that balcony door as you sail, but cruise lines aren't so keen on the idea. For starters, the warm air coming in will cause your cabin's air-conditioning to work harder unless you turn it downwasting energy regent single supplement the ship.

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Plus, leaving the door open can have some unwanted side effects. We set off the smoke alarm several times on one sailing -- a mystery as there was no smoke or fire -- and were told regent single supplement leaving the balcony door open can do that.

regent single supplement

Plus, open your cabin door at the same time, and you create a wind regent single supplement in the cabin, which will send all your dining reservation notices, cruise ship dailies and art auction advertisements flying everywhere.

Hang items to dry on the balcony It's so tempting. Your wet swimsuits never dry as quickly as you'd like on that flimsy string in your cabin shower, and the warm Caribbean sun is beating down on your balcony just begging to be used.

If you just draped a few tankinis over that deck chair, they'd dry in no time. There are a couple of reasons why this is not a good idea.

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