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mt hagen organic instant coffee- single serve sticks
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Thayer Copyright by Theodor Plievier. In the summer of the Russians were close to losing the war.

Теперь, в случае возвращения Пришельцев, все это будет бесполезно, подумал Элвин. А почему Пришельцы никогда больше не появлялись. Еще одна тайна; но загадок и без того хватает, нечего выискивать новые. В нескольких метрах от озера они обнаружили небольшой участок, расчищенный от щебня.

The Nazis had cut deep, wide swaths through the Soviet countryside; mt hagen organic instant coffee- single serve sticks morale of the Russian people was dangerously low; the Soviet armies were almost out of equipment; and in some areas of the conflict, the German commanders were trying a unique but mt hagen organic instant coffee- single serve sticks "velvet glove" approach that seemed to be working.

By conciliating the local populations, the Germans found themselves winning the weary Russians over rather than having to conquer them. But then came Stalingrad.

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As Charles W. Thayer explains in his introduction to this special edition, Hitler had full command of his military machine by this time and insisted on being tough with the Russians.

And so he doomed his campaign by launching several major attacks simultaneously, including one pointed at the great industrial complex of Stalingrad, a Pittsburgh-like city full of tractor and farm-machinery factories, situated on the steep banks of the Volga.

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Authorities differ as to whether Hitler was really serious about Stalingrad. By seizing the city he could, of course, cut off the vast flow of traffic that normally clogs the Volga. But the campaign might also have been a diversionary move designed not so much to take Stalingrad as to draw Soviet defensive troops away from the oil fields of the Caucasus.

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Whatever his original motives, Hitler eventually became obsessed with Stalingrad, and the reiche single männer schweiz of the city of Stalin became an end in itself. Stalingrad turned out to be the end of Hitler's dream, the death of the myth of Nazi invincibility, and the "hinge of fate" on which the war itself turned completely around.

From Stalingrad the course of war led inevitably to Berlin, where, 27 months later, Soviet troops found themselves digging through Hitler's bunker.

When it was over someof the Axis' finest soldiers lay frozen in Soviet soil—many of them in mass graves—and that many more were shuffling along icy Russian roads with their hands if they had any left high above their heads. Stalingrad was undoubtedly one of the bloodiest, most gruesome battles in history. All told, somehumans perished.

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Several things conspired to make it so terrible. One, of course, was Hitler's own stupidity: By extending his supply lines so far, he guaranteed his army's eventual starvation.

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There was also the cruel Russian winter that closed in on the battlefield. But, above all, the Russian people got their second wind.

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They were determined not to let Stalin's city fall, and this determination was bolstered by tough little Nikita Khrushchev, who was then the top military commissar on the Stalingrad front. By summoning up all of their spare men and weapons, all of their adrenalin and all of their courage, the Russians hung on to Stalingrad street by street, cellar by cellar, yard by yard, until fresh armies of rested men, new tanks and tough generals full of new ideas could be brought in to encircle the city and root the Germans out.

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Mt hagen organic instant coffee- single serve sticks Russians are still rightfully proud of their accomplishment. The Soviet general whose troops held the city, Vasili Ivanovich Chuikov, has written a memoir full of praise for himself and his men.

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He describes how Soviet soldiers would hold an isolated building in the city by ripping the top floors apart and tossing chunks of concrete down on the Germans, how they fired at frozen drainpipes to get a trickle of water to cool their machineguns, and how one signal corps man kept the vital messages flowing between embattled units even in death by clenching the two ends of a severed wire together in his teeth.

In the face of such a defense, the Germans caught in the trap could only retaliate with an equal display of animal-like tenacity. It could not be called "heroism," really, for when soldiers are thrust by circumstances or by orders from headquarters into an untenable position, they fight not so much for their fatherland or even for their friends as to keep themselves alive.

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The dehumanizing and degrading effect of war on men is the central theme of Theodor Plievier's monumental Stalingrad, and it is a theme that deeply concerned him all his life. Plievier was a German, born in in Berlin, the son of a poor file cutter.

On his own from the age of 12, he spent many years at sea, served in the German Navy during World War I and took an active part in the general mutiny that caused the disintegration of the navy in His first book, The Kaiser's Coolies, was a scathing attack on the hardships imposed by war on the common man, and a plea for the freedom and dignity of the individual.

This outspoken antimilitarism and a growing hatred of Nazism got him in trouble in Hitler's Germany, and he turned to Communism and fled to Russia in He wrote anti-Nazi war propaganda for the Russians during World War II, and stayed around afterward to interview German survivors of Stalingrad and gather material for this book.

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Then, in —the year after Stalingrad was first published—Plievier left Russia, disenchanted with the country but not with Communism, and returned to Germany. He died in Switzerland inat the age of 63, of a heart attack.

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Plievier wrote a number of books, but he considered The Kaiser's Coolies and Stalingrad his most important works. In Stalingrad This time a whole people was dishonored, deceived, led into war and crime, led into that danceof-death which took place before Stalingrad.

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